Cryo Facial in St. Louis Kirkwood Missouri

Cryo Facials

A refreshing non-invasive treatment using regulated attachments to cool and invigorate the skin allowing the pores to shrink and tighten leaving the skin with a glowing, soft, youthful appearance. During treatment toxins are removed from the surface of the skin while blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced.

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Cryo Body Sculpting

Also known as cryo-lipolysis and “fat freezing”. The surface of the skin is cooled to between 42° – 35°F in a matter of seconds, starting the process of destroying underlying fat cells (apoptosis) without damaging any other body tissue. The fat cells are permanently destroyed and are digested by the body’s waste management system.

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Cryo pain management solutions in kirkwood

Pain Management

In reaction to the extreme cold, hormones such as adrenaline and B-endorphines are released, which are powerful natural painkillers. Cryo pain therapy provides immediate pain relief. Results are immediate.  Depending on the condition may last from several hours to days after one single treatment.

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Specializing in professional skin care solutions and cutting-edge biotechnologies that result in healthy skin and a visible transformation for the life of your skin!

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woman in a red light therapy bed

Red Light Therapy

Boost energy, accelerate weight loss and collagen production. When you expose your entire body to red light, a part of your cells called the mitochondria, soaks it up and makes more energy. Red light therapy is widely used in medicine, dentistry, and autoimmune disease treatment. It is safe and natural, which enables it to be offered as an alternative treatment for various health conditions.

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Infrared Sauna Wrap

Reduce stress and fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve immunity and so much more with the penetrating heat of an infrared sauna wrap. Perhaps the most immediate relief our infrared System offers is simple relaxation as it melts away the stresses and tension of “modern” life. 

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Infrared Therapy in Kirkwood MO
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Smooth out the appearance of cellulite and improve lymphatic circulation.

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