Pain Management

St Louis Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy is a treatment that involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period of time, usually 2-3 minutes. This therapy is said to have numerous health benefits such as reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and boosting metabolism. It’s commonly used by athletes for muscle recovery and pain relief.

Our cryotherapy treatments include pain management, inflammation reduction, and more. Serving St Louis MO & Beyond.

Reduce Pain & Improve Your Life

No Downtime • Non-Surgical • Non-Invasive

Our pain-management protocols use hyper-cooled gas that causes thermal shock which reduces swelling and inflammation quickly. Experience near-immediate pain relief.

Treatment Time: 90 seconds to 5 minutes

Cryotherapy Benefits:

  • Reduce pain immediately
  • Increase mobility
  • Reduce muscle fatigue & soreness
  • Speed up recovery
  • Reduce chances of injury


Our customers love us!

Here is what they have to say…

I was having a lot of knee problems from running and the treatment I received really reduced the pain and swelling that I had. If it wasn’t for this treatment I wouldn’t have been able to continue to run anymore. Jacqi is so amazing! She really took the time to explain everything to me and made me feel comfortable when I was feeling a little nervous. The treatment was great and not uncomfortable at all. I will definitely continue to come back. It was a wonderful experience!


I have been going to see Jacqi at Eden wellness about 6 months for pain management. The innovative machine she uses ices my back in seconds versus 20 minutes with an ice pack. Jacqi’s quality of care is 2nd to none! She takes the extra time to build relationships with her customers and address all concerns. Whether you’re looking for pain management, body sculpting, red light wraps, or many other services she provides, don’t hesitate to reach out to her! You’ll be glad you did. Thank you Jacqi!


Awesome -sauce! The Renu28 works! Used on my shoulder and worked immediately relieving the pain and instant mobility of my shoulder and arm!!!! Amazing!



How does Cryotherapy work for pain management?

Our localized cryotherapy helps by reducing swelling and inflammation and rapidly cooling sore areas. The thermal shock causes the body to trigger itself into recovery/healing mode.


The body will increase its respiratory rate, thereby increasing oxygen intake
Blood vessels will subsequently dilate to 4x their resting size, which helps with muscle relaxation (making muscles up to 25% looser)
Reduces pain levels by slowing synaptic communication between nerves (somewhat acts like an opioid)